It’s 22 in 2022!

Only $22/month in 2022 can give our profession the firepower to make a difference in Trenton and beyond!

Working Together Makes Changes for Our Patients and Practices

ANJC PAC, ONLY WITH YOUR SUPPORT will fight, fight, fight for your patients and profession.

  • Fight For Improved Access to Chiropractic Care
  • Fight Insurance Exploitation of Patients
  • Fight For Pro-Chiropractic Legislators
  • Fight To Improve Veteran’s Access to Chiropractic
  • Fight Insurance Company Bias and Inequities
  • Fight For Pro-Chiropractic Legislation
  • Every NJ Chiropractor Needs to support ANJC PAC

Now, More Than Ever!

Dear Colleagues:
Simply stated, the time is now to donate to ANJC PAC in order to help support legislators who are chiropractic patient-friendly and who will work to stop abuses against our patients and profession.

One of ANJC’s highest priorities focuses directly on Trenton in order to drive legislative issues that best serve all NJ chiropractors in their every day practices.

ANJC PAC utilizes funds on a continuous basis to meet legislators at their legislative fund-raising functions in order to create opportunities to discuss, explain and persuade them that a particular chiropractic issue is important and should be supported. We also work to educate legislators when there are issues that may be harmful to our patients or potential patients.


We need you to make a difference.

Take The 22 in 2022 Challenge!

We Need Your Help

Beginning now, we respectfully request that you consider taking the 22 in 2022 challenge, contributing only $22 per month.

Your $22/month investment in your profession will help provide the necessary funds to attend legislative functions supporting chiropractic-friendly legislators and educate those legislators about the important issues that impact our patients and profession.

Take the 22 in 2022 Challenge!